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6 Unique Skills to Include on an IT Resume Sep 23 , 2015

Knowing what skills are important to put on an IT resume can make the difference in a job search.

When conducting an IT job search, it is important to include pertinent skills on your resume so that recruiters and hiring managers can match you up with the essential skills they are looking for in a candidate. The skills deemed p…

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The Difference Between a Job and an Opportunity Sep 16 , 2015

A positive attitude is one of your best assets on the job.

A job is where you go to put in your time and get a paycheck. You perform needed skills, do what you're told, and get it done so you can get on with the better things in life. Some people like their jobs, and others don't.

Even the best IT job may not provide fulfi…

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The Importance of Relationships in IT Recruiting Sep 16 , 2015

Building a pool of possible applicants who already know your company will eventually speed up the hiring process.

When a company has an open IT position, the hiring manager will often engage in recruiting efforts to find the best possible candidates. The hiring process can take weeks or months and is not always successful at attra…

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Thought Leader Series: How to Nail Your Video Interview Sep 9 , 2015

Alexis Schroeder is a 22-year-old fitness, finance and travel blogger. She writes about saving money while living a healthy, adventurous life in her 20s.

Living in the 21st century has led to many aspects of life being modified with new technological advances - including how job interviews are done. As electronics are coming more …

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Evaluating the Cultural Fit of Job Candidates Sep 9 , 2015

Assessing cultural fit will save companies money and time.

Cultural fit is how the values, beliefs, outlook and behavior of potential job candidates match those of the company looking to hire them. Cultural fit is important to many companies so that IT employees have an easier time working within the system and collaborating with …

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The Importance of Honesty in an IT Job Search Sep 9 , 2015

When applying for a job, it's important to be honest about your qualifications and experience.

If in your zeal to get your next job, you have ever put something on a resume or communicated something in an interview that wasn't true, you are in good company. In a Career Builder study, 63% of IT hiring managers reported that they'd …

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Expert Interview Series: Eric Friedman on Pre-employment Skills Testing Sep 9 , 2015

For hiring managers and job recruiters, the glut in today's job market can be overwhelming. "With unemployment at current levels and online job postings drawing so many applications per job, it's becoming more and more difficult to pick the truly experienced individuals out from the volumes of inflated resumes," says Eric Fried…

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IT Recruiting: Building a Talent Pipeline Sep 2 , 2015

IT recruitment gets easier when companies develop or access a talent pipeline.
IT positions can be notoriously difficult to fill quickly, especially if they require a specialized skill set or advanced training. Wise businesses don't just look to hire when they need to fill a position. By building an IT talent pipeline, they have a source of… Read More

How to Talk to an IT Recruiter Sep 2 , 2015

Talking to a recruiter can be the first step to a new IT position.

When an IT recruiter contacts you about a possible job, it's natural to get excited and also nervous. You want to say the things a recruiter wants to hear, but how do you know what those things are? What if you make some unknown, but fatal mistake in the conversati…

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