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Attracting Job Seekers to Your Company Website Jan 21 , 2016

Getting IT professionals to browse your company's website can help with recruiting efforts.

One way to build a list of potential future job candidates is to attract them to your company's website. Many corporate websites are not attractive to potential job seekers or currently employed IT professionals that may one day want to wor…

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Where Job Seekers Hang Out (And How Hiring Managers Can Meet Them There) Jan 21 , 2016

Of course, job seekers hang out on social media, but where specifically do they hang out?

For many IT job openings, it is increasingly difficult to find quality candidates with enough skills and experience to have any chance of success. Employers don't want to settle for a candidate that has little chance of being able to do the j…

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Expert Interview Series: Victoria Crispo About IT Jobs in the Nonprofit Sector Jan 21 , 2016

There are two kinds of employees that drive the modern workforce: those who work hard to support themselves and their families - improving their circumstances in any number of industries - and those who are motivated by the well-being of others. For the latter, making a living and supporting loved ones is still a priority, they just ch…

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The Risky Job Search: Why Playing it Safe May Not Get You the IT Job You Want Jan 14 , 2016

Searching for an IT job can be fraught with angst, nail-biting tension, and generally uncomfortable moments. When you are in the market for a new position, you may have a tendency to avoid as many stomach-churning incidents as possible by playing it safe. For instance, you may decide not to search for a job while employed for fear that you…

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Using Marketing Techniques to Recruit for IT Positions Jan 14 , 2016

Inbound marketing can be an effective tool when building a talent network.

Effective recruiting techniques involve some amount of marketing. Without marketing the opportunities as well as the company itself, it becomes difficult to attract quality candidates, many of whom are reluctant to work for a company they've never heard of.…

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Integrating Your IT Job Search Into Your Everyday Life Jan 6 , 2016

Networking can be a key to a successful job search.

It can seem strange and foreign to conduct a job search. All that paperwork that has to be filled out just right, and the whole interview process where one conversation can determine the next several years of your life can keep you in a state of constant stress until it's over. B…

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6 IT Recruiting Techniques You Can Steal From the Sales Department Jan 6 , 2016

IT recruiting is not exactly like sales. It's like sales times two. On the one hand, recruiters have the task of selling employers on the merits of prospective hires. On the other hand, recruiters must sell potential hires on the merits of employers. Thus, it makes sense that effective IT recruiters employ many of the same techniques that …

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The Fine Art of Negotiating an IT Job Offer Dec 23 , 2015

Negotiating an IT job offer is not an exact science. Rather, it is an art form, albeit one that many job seekers have trouble mastering. Think of it as a delicate dance, with each partner hoping to make all the right moves while not stepping on the other's toes or injuring themselves in the process. If you are in the interview process for …

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