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When Good IT Candidates are Hard to Find Dec 23 , 2015

For some specialized IT positions, it can be difficult to find good candidates in the general job market.

Many IT jobs require specific skills that only a small number of people in the workforce have. Finding quality candidates to fill these specialized positions is difficult at best, and is often nearly impossible using tradition…

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8 Best IT Job Opportunities for 2016 Dec 16 , 2015

2016 will bring many different opportunities in the IT field.

When considering how to approach a job search, it helps to know what kinds of IT jobs will be in demand in the coming year. Here are a handful of ideas to get job seekers planning and positioning themselves in the best possible way. 1. Database Management The …

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Getting the Most From an IT Recruiter Dec 16 , 2015

The relationship between a business and its IT recruiting service is a lot like a marriage. It sometimes starts out with giddy optimism and is followed by a period of inevitable adjustment as both parties learn the ins and outs of the relationship. The question is, how do you keep the love alive in your relationship with an IT recruiter? C…

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7 Things You Won't Have to Do If You Work With an IT Recruiter Dec 9 , 2015

If you are on the fence about using an IT recruitment agency to handle your staffing needs, it may be time to hop off and put your feet firmly on the ground. Here's why. Much like the difference between buying a suit off the rack and having a tailor custom-make your clothing, IT recruiters provide access to candidates that are custom-fit f…

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Pros and Cons of Switching IT Jobs When Recruited Dec 9 , 2015

Careful consideration will help you make a good choice about whether to switch jobs as a result of a recruiter's offer.

Most recruiters know that many of the most qualified candidates for a particular position are already employed in good jobs when the position becomes open. Recruiters spend time opening communication with these qualifi…

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Top 6 Mistakes IT Job Seekers Make Dec 3 , 2015

Staying positive while job searching will make the process more successful.

Job search blunders can cost job seekers the IT job opportunities they really want, leading to a much longer job search or settling for a job they don't really want. Here are some common job search mistakes and how IT job seekers can avoid making them. …

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Hitting a Recruiter's Target Every Time Dec 3 , 2015

Knowing how to approach and interact with a recruiter can help get you to the interview process.

IT recruiters don't make final hiring decisions, but they do much of the legwork in the lead up. To get in front of a company hiring manager, you've first got to get onto the recruiter's radar and get his attention. How to Introdu…

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You Were Fired: Now What? Nov 27 , 2015

You can move forward in your career after being fired.

Getting fired can happen to the best of employees due to a variety of reasons, some of which are beyond their control. Firings happen for many reasons other than incompetence or insubordination, and termination from a job can even occur when it is least expected. Not every j…

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6 Things Companies Can't Do Without a Recruiter Nov 27 , 2015

Recruiters can help companies in many ways.

Companies often debate whether it's more cost-effective to work with a recruiter or to handle their hiring needs completely in-house. Social media, internet newsletters and employee referral programs have made it easier and less time consuming to build talent networks, and larger compani…

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What IT Job Seekers Need to Know About Applicant Tracking Software Nov 19 , 2015

If you sumbit your resume online, chances are, it will be screened with applicant tracking software.

As the cost of applicant tracking software comes down, more and more companies are seeing these systems as a good solution to dealing with hundreds of resumes for each open position. Currently, many smaller companies still review r…

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