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Top 5 Reasons to Start an Employee Referral Program Nov 19 , 2015

Offering rewards for quality referrals helps motivate employees to participate in the program.

Employee referral programs can be a source of quality candidates that companies turn to when open positions need to be filled. Although it does take some administrative work to establish and maintain an ERP, most companies have found tha…

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How to Be the Top Candidate at Every Interview Nov 11 , 2015

It's not enough to be well qualified; one must be the top candidate to get the job.

In an IT job search, sometimes it isn't enough to have the exact qualifications for an open position. For positions where multiple candidates are well qualified, it is necessary to be the best candidate for the position. It's about demonstrating yo…

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A Day in the Life of an IT Recruiter Nov 11 , 2015

Recruiting involves many different skills and services in human resources management.

What happens in a typical recruiter's day? Let's explore a day in the life of "Jim" the IT recruiter to gain some insight into how recruiting happens. When Jim comes into the office in the morning, several things probably call for his attention…

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Lowering the Cost of Hiring Without Sacrificing Quality Nov 5 , 2015

Hiring costs can be lowered using various techniques, even recruiting services.

There are many costs involved in hiring employees. Fees paid to list the job in various places and recruiting fees are the most obvious costs, but there can also be travel fees, salaries paid to the interview team for time spent interviewing, and even …

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Finances of the IT Job Search: How to Make It All Work Nov 5 , 2015

A job search can have costs associated with it, but there are ways to save if you look hard enough.

There are certain expenses associated with any job search, which can vary depending on whether the search is local or covers a distance. Spending a lot of money on a job search may not be feasible when you are out of work, but there…

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What is a Purple Squirrel? Oct 29 , 2015

This is the closest thing to a purple squirrel we could find.
In recruiting and hiring circles, a purple squirrel is the term used for the almost-impossible ideal job candidate that has all of the qualifications for a particular job opening, lives in the exact right location to be hired, and is willing to work for a low salary considering the… Read More

6 Things to Do While Waiting for the Perfect Job Oct 29 , 2015

There are lots of things you can do while looking for your dream job.

So you find the perfect IT job (or several great possibilities) and waste no time applying for them. Once you've sent the application, resume, and cover letter, what do you do? You wait. And if you get an interview, what then? Usually, you wait. Unfortunately, w…

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6 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your IT Recruiter Oct 21 , 2015

Using phone calls judiciously will keep you on your recruiter's good side.

Communicating with your IT recruiter may not be as easy as it seems. Should you call in every day or every week? What kind and how much information should you give? When you have questions, should you contact the recruiter by email or pick up the phone? How…

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IT Hiring Managers: Get Help Now Oct 21 , 2015

Using a recruiter is a good idea even for companies with hiring managers.

As an IT hiring manager, you may feel that it's your job to find quality IT candidates with which your company can fill open positions. Using a recruiter may feel like cheating or shirking your duties; however, except for in large companies, most hiring mana…

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